Frenquently Asked Questions

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers." Charles W. Eliot

Frequently Asked Questions

* What does the Foundation do?
 The Foundation raises funds to supplement the library budget for books, programs, furniture, and equipment. Donations cannot be used for salaries or operating and maintenance expenses.

* How are funds distributed? 
All funds are distributed at the discretion of the Board. Donations can be directed to designated areas; however, specific expenditures are determined by the Board.

* Where does the money come from?
 Donations may come from individuals, businesses, and organizations by direct donations or bequests; or from grants for which the Foundation applies.

* Are you part of the City of Hemet?
 No, the Foundation is a non-profit corporation not affiliated with the City of Hemet or any government entity.

* How do I join the Board of Directors of the Foundation?

What are the terms of office for the Directors and Officers?
 Directors are elected to a 3-year term on a rotation basis, leaving one third of the Directors up for renewal annually. Officers are elected to 1-year terms.

* Is my donation tax deductible?
 Yes, to the extent the law allows.

* Does the Foundation accept donations of real or personal property? 
Yes. Please contact us for details.